The Benefits of Adding Leather to Your Toyota Sienna 

When you think of a minivan, you automatically associate the word with families and kids. They have sliding doors that make getting in-and-out a breeze and can easily haul 7-8 people and all that soccer or baseball gear to practices, games, and team parties. They really are the perfect utility vehicle for running kids all over town to moving endless amounts of stuff easily.  With all these family-friendly features, adding leather to the mix is the icing on the cake for your Toyota Sienna. 

Leather vs. Cloth Interior 

So, the first thing you might think about having leather in a minivan is keeping it clean. With all that in-and-out and messy children with muddy cleats, a leather interior will get destroyed immediately! Why even bother with the leather upgrade if it will just get ruined by normal kid wear-and-tear? We’re here to tell you, if you think youngsters are tough on leather seats, try having cloth in that kid-hauler for a while. You’ll quickly see the difference for yourself! 

Toyota Sienna leather seat
Toyota Sienna leather seat

Kids of all ages come with their share of messes. Toddlers have cups of juice or milk, goldfish crackers, and numerous other snacks that end up lodged between the seats. Snacks that inevitably spill, and stain. Some are nearly impossible to remove completely from a cloth interior. Even if you can remove the debris from the stain, the smell soaks in and remains there longer than anyone wants to admit. Ever climb into your van and wonder what that latest unidentified smell is? And any parent knows, there are pitfalls to long family road trips, and accidents just happen!  

But, these smelly, messy, and no-fun-at-all problems become much easier to deal with if your Toyota Sienna has leather. Spilled snacks wipe completely away easily with mild soap, warm water, and a clean cloth. Milkshakes, sports drinks (and those other accidents) won’t absorb into the leather-like cloth. This means you won’t have those bad odors lingering. And those grubby hands? A light spray of a botanical disinfectant (non-alcohol-based) will kill all of those germs. Best of all without damaging any of the seating surfaces. 


For all of these reasons, a leather interior is the best choice for family vehicles. Upgrading your minivan to leather may be well worth the investment. If you’re buying a minivan, it could cost you up to an extra $12,000 to purchase a model that comes with a leather interior. Why not spend less money and buy a lower-trim cloth model and let the upholstery experts at Katzkin customize your leather interior for a fraction of the price? With more than 120 color and design options, you can have all the functionality of a minivan with a style all your own. We promise you will thank us later!


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