Car Seat Cover Installation Locations

At Katzkin, custom interior installation is what we do and we believe we’re the best in the business at it. What goes into installing custom leather in your F-150, Challenger, Silverado, or Mustang?

How is your Katzkin leather interior installed?

Installing a Katzkin leather interior takes practice and skill.  Many times we are asked, why can’t I install my interior myself?  Can’t I just slip the seat covers over the cloth seats and be done? You might be able to do that with cheap seat covers that don’t fit well and are one-size-fits-all.  But when it comes to high-quality leather seat installation, it’s much more difficult.

Step 1

Our trained, professional installers will remove your seats from your vehicle to remove the original upholstery.  This is especially important when you’re having Katzkin leather seats installed because our leather is designed to fit just like it came from the original equipment manufacturer.  Your interior won’t slip and slide at all, or need to be adjusted constantly like cheap seat covers.

Step 2

Your original upholstery will be removed from the foam of your seat, so that we can ensure the original safety and OCS systems are working when the new leather is installed.  This is also the phase where we install heated or ventilated seats for you (Check out our Degreez package!)  Don’t worry, we got the knowledge and the know how so that your seats are re-installed in the vehicle just like factory when we’re finished.

Step 3

The installation!  From the headrests to the console to the rear seats, we make sure your new leather interior is installed to perfection. We’ll double check for leather quality and correct any possible imperfections.   That’s it!  Now’s it’s time for you to LOVE YOUR DRIVE!

Below are many of the cities and areas with Katzkin car upholstery installation shops. However, not all of our locations are included here but rest assured, we’ve got one near you.  If you don’t see your city below, just click on the start button below to find an authorized Katzkin installation location near you!