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Katzkin offers designs for over 3,000 vehicle models. Chances are, if you need leather for your vehicle, we’ve got you covered. See some of our most popular vehicle patterns below.

Katzkin makes your car feel like a million bucks. You spend a lot of time behind the wheel. What if every second you sat in the driver’s seat you enjoyed yourself more? Katzkin can help you do that with their premium interior upgrades.

With the car customization market exploding, there has never been a better time to enjoy the lux feeling you get from upgrading your cloth seats to fantastic leather seating. We make sure it fits perfectly right down to the stitching by using the specific measurements tailored to the make, model, and even trim package of your automobile.

Our Katzkin Interior Specialists can help advise you on designing your perfect interior with just the right finishing touches. Whether you drive an F-150, Ram 1500, Dodge Challenger, Silverado, or Honda Accord, we can give you the interior of your dreams.

Certain options may not be available in the Design Selector tool. Please select a preliminary design and discuss available options with one of our Katzkin Interior Specialists. Additional upgrade charges may apply. Call us now at 877-811-8840 or Choose Your Design to get started.

Instead of going over your cloth like traditional seat covers, overhauling your interior with Katzkin removes your cloth entirely and replaces it with our custom-fit seat covers to a factory fit and finish!

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Katzkin Toyota Camry Black Leather Interior Driver's Seat
Katzkin Honda CRV Two Tone Leather Seat
Katzkin Jeep Wrangler Leather Suede Seat
Katzkin Ford F-150 Perforated Red Leather Seat

Popular Color Seat Covers to Choose From

Colors are a reflection of one’s personality. Katzkin creates custom combinations to make the interior of your car reflect who you are and what you stand for. We do premium leather custom-fit covers for the front seats and the back seats and all cars, trucks, vans, and more. We specialize in upgrading cloth seats to something more robust. From solid colors to gorgeous combinations, Katzkin always has a perfect fit. Which of the following colors best represents you?

Katzkin 2021 Swatch Card

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Design Styles

From a simple single-tone style to a variety of two-tone looks to diamond stitched leather seats, Katzkin gives you many options for creating that special personalized design. With your design style determined, you’re ready to fashion it with the materials and accents that will make your custom interior uniquely your own.
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Katzkin Custom Seat Design Options

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If you want to get more joy every time you see your car, check out what Katzkin can do to the interior. Lots of car owners opt for new rims or spoilers for the outside of the car, but those are for onlookers. What about you?

Below are some examples of customers who’ve enjoyed our high-quality interior upgrades, and have come to realize that seat covers can help them so much more than any external upgrades.

Customize Your Car’s Interior with Katzkin 

Do you spend time commuting in your car? Why not enjoy the time you spend in your car more? Upgrade your interior with Katzkin leather car seats. The quality is in the details.

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