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Custom Leather Chevy Silverado Seat Covers & Interiors

Katzkin’s custom-fit, premium Chevy Silverado seat covers, and leather seats are created to transform your truck’s interior. Replacing your original factory-installed cloth seats with a custom-designed leather interior from Katzkin will change the look, feel, and resale value of your vehicle.

The Chevy Silverado has long been a staple in the automotive world and that’s especially true in the truck community. This truck has been known for decades for being tough and long-lasting and rightfully so. You can make your interior tough and long-lasting by adding custom Silverado seat covers from Katzkin. The strength, reliability, and durability of a Chevy truck deserve an interior that delivers the same world-class quality.

Chevy Silverado Seat Covers & Replacement Seats

Different types of automotive upholstery are better than others. Katzkin makes custom Silverado seat covers that are far better than average slip-on seat covers. They are specifically engineered and handcrafted to completely replace your Silverado’s cloth seats with a professionally installed, upholstered custom leather interior. Our leather seats blow traditional Chevy Silverado seat covers out of the water. Katzkin Silverado leather seats improve the look and feel of your truck while also increasing the value of your truck. They’re the best replacement seats on the market. Why buy slip-on Silverado seat covers when you could buy custom Silverado leather seats! We can also install heated and cooled seats on your Silverado with three different levels of temperature. You won’t feel temperature seats as much through Silverado seat covers as you will with Katzkin custom leather!

Chevy Silverado Center Console Lid Replacement

Whether you have a brand new truck or one of the Silverado beasts from the ’90s that lasts for eternity, it’s nice to have an interior that matches. That’s why we always do Silverado center console lid replacement when we can. If your center console currently has leather, vinyl, or is made of plastic, then we can’t replace the lid. But, if it currently has cloth, we can replace it for you with custom leather to match your seats. This is all true of your door panels as well.

Seat Options

One reason so many people choose Katzkin instead of the manufacturer is that we have so many Silverado leather options for them to pick from. Choose from our popular Chevrolet Silverado Katzkin Designs, a Manufacturer Inspired Interior, or Create a Design of Your Own. We offer a choice of over 120 colors and materials including black, red, white, and blue with multiple trim options. We can make your Silverado leather seats look just the want. If you want a simple, single-tone look, we can obviously do that for you and so much more. We can add custom perforation, piping, and stitching including TekStitch, embroidery, embossing, and two-tone.

We also have a huge variety of Silverado seat materials to choose from. A few of our seat options include Suedezkin®, Tuscany premium leather, ultra-durable Katzkin XT, AutoExotics including alligator-embossed cowhide and carbon fiber options, and a whole lot more. Not only do we have a massive selection of pre-designed Silverado seats for you to choose from but you can also create your own design and we’ll make that happen. If you need help picking designing your new Silverado interior, our installers are experts at helping you know what looks great and will give you helpful advice.

Model Trims and Years

Katzkin’s Chevy Silverado custom leather seat and replacement seats are available for the following model years:






In addition to being able to add high-quality, custom leather to a whole host of model years, we can also work on virtually any Silverado model and trim. We add leather to the Silverado 1500 the most but we can also replace cloth and leather on the heavy-duty 2500, 3500, LT, High Country, RST, LTZ, and more.

Chevy Silverado EV

Electric vehicles are the wave of the future, and when the hot new Chevy Silverado EV comes out, we’ll have custom leather seat covers on that. While it may not come out until 2023, once you have yours, choose your new seat cover design and we’ll be ready to install them for you!


Transform your Chevrolet Silverado interior with Katzkin. Start now and find an installer today!

Choose Your Design

Katzkin Chevy Truck Seat Upholstery Kits

At Katzkin, we take great pride in making some of the best Chevy truck seat upholstery kits on the market. We manufacture our kits specifically for the year, trim, and cab style of your Silverado. We know that the majority of Chevy truck owners have bucket seats in the front, but we also make Chevy truck bench seat upholstery kits if you need them! Whatever your Chevy truck seat upholstery problems are, we can solve them for you. Once, you’ve chosen your Silverado leather seat upholstery, we’ll ship them to a high-quality installer near you. Most of our customers are incredibly happy with how their upholstery kits have been installed. But if you aren’t happy with the fit, bring your truck back and we’ll adjust them for free. Top-of-the-line Chevy truck seat upholstery kits installed by experts to your satisfaction? It’s hard to beat that!


One reason so many people love Katzkin is that the installation process is so easy and convenient. We can typically install your custom new Silverado leather seats within just 24 hours. Plus, we have installers all over the country. If you live in the west, we have a myriad of dealers in Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Denver. In the midwest, you can choose from Louisville, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, Kansas City, Chicago, and more. For people that live in the south, we have a lot of installers including such cities as Atlanta, Tampa, Nashville, and Charlotte. If you live in the northeast, we’ve got installers in New York City, Boston, Portland, Maine, and more. Last but not least, Texas. Whether you live in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, or virtually anywhere else in the Lone Star State, we’ve got an installer close to you!


There are a lot of reasons to replace your cloth seats with Katzkin leather in your truck: easier to clean, design options, longer-lasting, etc. Another great reason is that we stand behind all our work. We guarantee all of our work, products, and materials so you can rest assured that your new Silverado leather upholstery is going to last. If by some chance it doesn’t last and it’s our fault, we’ll fix it. The warranty is good for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Also, if you’re not happy with how your new seats fit and believe they weren’t installed correctly, please let us know and we’ll adjust them to your satisfaction.


When you buy virtually anything nowadays, you want to see the reviews first. This is even more true on bigger purchases such as leather seats for your Chevy. Finding a company with a high rating is important but it’s also critical that they have a lot of reviews. At Katzkin, we have thousands of reviews and an almost 5-star rating overall.

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