Toyota Seat Covers

The goal at Katzkin is to provide you with custom Toyota seat covers of the highest quality. All of our Toyota seats have been designed and engineered to fit the exact make, model, trim, and year of your car or truck. These aren’t generic seat covers that move around. At Katzkin, we completely get rid of the cloth or leather you currently have and replace it with brand-new leather upholstery. Leather seat covers that last for years, how can it get any better?

It gets better because we offer 120 different colors and designs for you to use in your designs. A lot of our customers tell us the reason they love Katzkin is that we have so many different design options and OEM quality.

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Toyota Model Years

What model year is your Toyota? If it’s newer than 2002, there’s a great chance we can replace the leather or cloth in it with high-quality leather. While many of our customers come to us with either brand new trucks or barely used vehicles, we still do a lot of work on older Toyotas and we’re happy to do the same for you. We can add custom Toyota seat covers to a variety of model years.


Our goal is to make sure you have a great experience and that means more than giving you great seats. We want you to enjoy picking out a design and getting your new seats installed. We’re proud to have Toyota seat cover installers all over the USA so you don’t have to drive really far out of your way (most of the time) to get your new seats installed. Whether you live in Miami, New York City, Seattle, Denver, or LA, we’ve got installers for you. Plus, if you live in Texas, we have installers all across the state including Dallas, Houston, and more. In fact, we also have locations everywhere in between!

Yet another reason so many people decide to go with Katzkin for your Toyota seat covers is that we have so many convenient locations. If you’re in the South, we’ve got you covered in Nashville, Atlanta, and Miami. Or if you live on the West Coast, we have installers in San Diego, Portland, and Seattle. Do you live in the Northeast? If so, then you can go to any of our locations in NYC, Boston, and Portland, Maine. When it comes to the great state of Texas, we have dealers in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and more!


Transform the look and interior of your Toyota with Katzkin. Start now and find an installer today!

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