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Katzkin Ford F150 red leather car upholstery
Katzkin Ford F-150 Red Leather Interior Center Console
Katzkin Ford F-150 Red Leather Seat Low Angle
Katzkin Ford F-150 Red Leather Seat Stitching
Katzkin Ford F-150 Red Leather Seat Upper

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At Katzkin, we specialize in making leather upholstery for cars, trucks, and SUVs throughout the US. We believe there’s nowhere better to add auto upholstery to your car in the entire country. Why should you get your new car upholstery at a Katzkin installer? There are lots of reasons.

Extensive Customization Options

One of the many reasons so many people decide to get Katzkin leather added to their vehicle is because we have so many designs and product options to choose from for virtually every domestic vehicle. But you can also create your own design. Whether you drive a Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, or Honda Accord, we’ve got auto upholstery that has been engineered specifically for your year, make, model, and trim.

We have more than 120 different colors and trims you can use when choosing a design for your seats. You’re also more than welcome to choose your own design and we’ll make that happen for you too!

Here are just a few of the ways you can customize your leather upholstery with Katzkin:

  • Design style
  • Leather and trim upholstery materials
  • Stitching
  • Embroidery
  • Seat temperature control

Temperature Customization

With Katzkin, the leather upholstery customization just never ends! In addition to designs, we can also install heat/and or air conditioning to your ride. With our Degreez package, we can also add three levels of heat and three levels of ventilation to your seats. Perfect for people that experience those frigid winters in New England or the seemingly scolding hot summers in the South.

The Katzkin Degreez package is OEM-quality, so you know it’ll stand the test of time. It’s also covered by our long-lasting warranty. Just another way to customize your interior to make it one step closer to your dream vehicle.

Choose Your Design


We have highly-trained leather auto upholstery installation dealers with experts throughout the United States and in virtually all of the biggest cities. In Texas, we have installers in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin. Our installers in the Northeast include New York City and Boston. Being based in California, we obviously have auto upholstery shops throughout the Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego areas. Plus, we have shops all over the South including Charlotte, Nashville, Miami, and Atlanta.

Those are just some of the places where we have leather upholstery shops but it’s not an extensive list.


Millions of people have added Katzkin leather upholstery to their cars, trucks, and SUVs with complete satisfaction and raving reviews. Our aim is to make sure you feel the same way as them. If you get in your truck and the seats aren’t installed the way you want, just let us know and we’ll fix them for you. We’ll go the extra mile for you.

Part of going the mile means providing an industry-leading warranty on all our products. That’s why we offer a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on all of our work and materials. We don’t think you’ll need it, but we want you to feel peace of mind when you do business with us.

Choose Your Design
Katzkin Toyota Camry Black Leather Interior Driver's Seat
Katzkin Honda CRV Two Tone Leather Seat
Katzkin Jeep Wrangler Leather Suede Seat
Katzkin Ford F-150 Perforated Red Leather Seat