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Why should you go with Katzkin for your new Subaru seat covers? For starters, we’ve been making and installing custom, high-quality Subaru set covers for years and can install them on just about every Subaru model out there. When we say our seats are high quality, we mean it. All of our leather upholstery has been made to fit the exact model, trim, and year of your Subaru. And just like your Subaru, Katzkin’s leather interiors are built to last.

If you spend much time in the forums or you talk to people who have had Katzkin installed in their Subaru, you’ll see that many people like our seats better than OEM leather. Part of that is because we provide you with the same quality but with more customizable options. You can get your seats in more than 120 colors, designs, and trims from us. We have a HUGE variety of designs for you to choose from but you can also design your own and we’ll make it happen for you!

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Model Years

What year is your Subaru? Not only do we have extensive experience adding new leather upholstery to different Subaru models, but we’ve also added leather to older model years. Depending on your model, we can install leather on models as far back as 2010.


We’re proud to have Subaru leather seat dealers throughout the country. Obviously, we can’t promise you that no matter where you live we’ll have a nearby location but that is true for most of the country. From coast-to-coast, we have installers in virtually every major metropolitan area. On the West coast, we have locations in and around Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Diego. If you live on the East coast, we have locations from Boston to New York City to D.C. For people living in the South, we’ve got you covered in Atlanta, Orlando, Nashville, Houston, and more. We also have locations in Boise, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, and more!


Transform the look and interior of your Subaru with Katzkin. Start now and find an installer today!

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