Orange Seat Covers

When it comes to orange seat covers, we make some of the best in the business. If you want standard single-tone orange leather seat covers, we can do that but we can also make them as custom as you want. If you want orange and black seat covers we can them for you. Customization isn’t a problem! We have dozens of designs for you to choose from or you can design your own! Plus, our orange leather car seats have been designed to fit your exact make, model, trim, and year!


Customization Galore

There are so many reasons people come to use for their red, black, blue, white, and even orange seat covers. One of the top reasons is because we have so many customization options while providing high-quality materials. We certainly have more options to choose from than the manufacturers but our seats are the same quality. Whether you want single-tone, two-tone, diamond-stitching, leather, Suedezkin, or another material, we’ve got a whole host of product options for you to choose from. We can do orange and black seat covers with designs and custom stitching in the headrests! Whatever you want your orange car seats to look like, we can make it happen for you!

There are various shades, trims, and designs for you to get your orange seats in. We can also combine them with other colors including black, brown, and red. You’re also welcome to design your new seats yourself and we’ll make and install them for you!

Here are a few of the ways you can customize your orange seat covers with Katzkin:

Temperature Customization

Adding custom orange seat covers to your car, truck, or SUV can make it look really special. We recommend adding heat and air-conditioning to your seats at the same time with our Degreez package. With up to three levels of AC and three levels of heat on your backside, you’ll be more comfortable than you ever thought possible. Ventilated seats are terrific for people that live in scalding hot areas like Houston, Las Vegas, or Miami. Heated seats are great if you live in colder areas like New York City, Boston, or Kalispell, MT.

We think we have some of the best temperature seats in the industry and many of our customers say the same thing. They’re OEM-quality and will greatly improve your driving experience every time you get in your ride.

Models We Can Add Orange Car Seats To

Whatever you drive, we can install new orange leather seat covers in it with a few exceptions. Our locations throughout the country have technicians with a great deal of experience in adding new leather to your interior. That includes all of the most popular models. This isn’t a comprehensive list of all the vehicles we can work on but it shows some of the ones we do the most frequently:

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Orange Leather Seat Covers

We make high-quality leather seats that are far superior to traditional orange leather seat covers. How are Katzkin’s seat better? For starters, regular seat covers frequently don’t fit right and can need constant readjustment. That doesn’t happen with our leather automotive upholstery. Our orange car seat covers also increase the value of your car, are professionally installed, and we can add leather to other parts of your interior as well. If you want leather on your center console or the armrests on your doors, we can make that happen for you! The difference is that we completely get rid of the material on your current seats and replace it with top-of-the-line leather. That’s part of why so many people choose us for their orange seat covers.

Katzkin Locations

Another reason a lot of people choose Katzkin is that we have so many installation centers throughout the country. Whether you live in a big city or a small town, chances are we have an installer near you who can install brand new orange leather seat covers in your car or truck. We have locations in all of the biggest cities and even many of the more rural areas. We have installers in Denver, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Phoenix, Kansas City, and more places. In the smaller cities like Nashville, TN, Huntsville, AL, Buford, GA, Ogden, UT, and many more.

That’s not an extensive list. If you want to know if we have leather installers in your area, just pick out your seats and put in your zip code to find a list of dealers closest to you.


To give you additional peace of mind, we offer a great warranty that lasts for 3 years or 36,000 miles on all of our work. If you look at our reviews, you’ll see that you probably won’t need the warranty. But we want you to know that you’re covered. Also, if your seats don’t fit correctly, just let us know and we’ll adjust them for free!

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