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Van seats take more abuse than just about any other vehicle. Virtually nobody gets a van these days unless they’re hauling kids around all the time. Car seats can really wear on your seats. Not to mention kids and all their spills and stains. That’s why we sell high-quality leather van seat covers. Top-notch leather seats will fight stains and provide you with a much more enjoyable driving experience.

Our leather seat covers for vans are made and designed to last for years and years. They can handle just about whatever you and your kids throw at them. Leather seats are vastly superior to cloth seats or cheap traditional seat covers. Our leather seat covers for vans are easier to clean and don’t tear or stain as easily. Plus, we can make just about any design you want!

Leather Seat Covers For Vans

Just to be clear, Katzkin interiors are some of the best van seat covers you’ll find. These aren’t your traditional seat covers. They’re way better. When you buy Katzkin leather, you get specifically engineered and handcrafted seats that completely replace your van’s interior with a professionally installed, upholstered custom leather interior. Our van leather seats blow traditional leather seat covers for vans out of the water. Our leather seat covers improve the look and feel of your van while also increasing its value. Typical seat covers just fit around the material you already have and need to be adjusted frequently. Regular, cheap seat covers also don’t raise the value of your van like all-new leather upholstery. We can also install heated and cooled seats on your van with three different levels of temperature.

Choose from our popular Katzkin Designs for vans, a Manufacturer Inspired Interior, or Create a Design of Your Own. We offer a choice of over 120 colors and materials including black, red, white, and blue with multiple trim options.


Transform your van’s interior with Katzkin. We have locations all across the United States including San Antonio, Orlando, San Diego, New York City, Boston, and more. Start now and find an installer today!

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Another huge benefit of getting your van seat covers from a Katzkin installer is that we can install leather seats on virtually any van in the US. We can add custom new seats to your van whether it’s more than 20 years old or brand new. Here are a few of the vans we install new leather interiors in the most:

Reviews and Warranty

At Katzkin, we offer a stellar warranty of 3 years/36,000-miles on all of our products and installations. If you aren’t happy with the fit of your seats, just let us know and we’ll re-fit them for you for no additional cost. We want you to have a great experience throughout the entire installation process and that includes after your seats have been installed. We’re confident that you’ll love your new seats and our reviews back that up.

Black Toyota Sienna Leather Seats
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