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Tesla Seat Covers

Katzkin creates custom leather seat covers for your Tesla, transforming both your front and back seats to give your vehicle a whole new look. Tesla owners are some of the most discerning car owners, and you deserve something to match your tastes. 

We create unique upscale experiences inside your Tesla and take your seats, armrest covers, and central console covers to the next level. No matter what your Tesla make and model, we can give your Tesla exciting new seat covers that elevate your driving experience. 

With new white seats, or even red seats, made of our universal fit non-slip leather, you’ll be enjoying your Tesla as much on the inside as on the outside.

Instead of going over your cloth like traditional seat covers, overhauling your interior with Katzkin removes your cloth entirely and replaces it with our custom-fit seat covers to a factory fit and finish!

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Model Years Don’t Matter to Us

With Telsa, innovation is always at the forefront. No matter what make and model of Tesla you drive, we can install custom premium seat covers that will stand out. The Tesla Model 3 started production in 2017, and the Model Y first became available to the public in 2020 and we’re already equipped to upgrade these with our premium Katzkin leather. So no matter what make and model of Tesla you own, we have individual design specs for each make, model, and trim package. We tailor our product to be a flawless, exact match that is nothing short of perfection.

Installation Locations Around the United States

Katkzin has professional installation centers located comfortably around the US. We only use highly skilled technicians to install our product, because we deliver perfection in a seat. We install Tesla seat covers for any model of Tesla Model 3’s and Model Y’s. Our locations around the US include West Coast locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle and in Tacoma. We have installation centers in the great state of Texas in both Austin and Dallas. And we have locations in Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, and Chattanooga.

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Here’s What Tesla Owners Are Saying About Our Leather Seat Covers

We love Tesla owners, and Tesla owners love us. Katzkin OEM leather seats are a natural pair with Tesla, because we love cars as much as you do. You can’t get a better seat cover than what we provide for Tesla owners who desire an upgrade to their Tesla factory seats. At Katzkin, we only use premium leather and retrofit your Tesla for a custom look that you can’t get anywhere else.

Revolutionize Your Tesla Interior with Katzkin 

At Katzkin, we know Tesla. We can upscale your Tesla experience with a full set of our custom-fit Tesla seat covers that are designed to fit the exact make and model of your Tesla. We’re here to make your Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y new again on the inside. See what we can do with your Tesla today. Start now and find an installer today!

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