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Mazda is a company that prides themselves on being on the cutting edge of innovative car design and Katzkin is proud to provide custom-made Mazda leather interior seating, sure to bring the elegance of the exterior design inside the vehicle.

Katzkin is an industry leader when it comes to custom leather seats, and can add the leather interior of your dreams to your Mazda. Katzkin leather seats are an investment, because they’ll make your car feel new and increase its value all at the same time.

Instead of going over your cloth like traditional seat covers, overhauling your interior with Katzkin removes your cloth entirely and replaces it with our custom-fit leather interior to a factory fit and finish!

Katzkin vs. Traditional Seat Covers

When you consider that Katzkin leather seats are custom fit for each vehicle, there’s practically no reason to think about going with neoprene seat covers. Unlike traditional seat covers, Katzkin seats won’t inhibit safety features like airbags or seat belts either.

When you install a full set of Katzkin leather seats in your Mazda Miata, our team of professionals makes sure it fits even more snuggly than so-called universal fit car seats.

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Installation Locations Around the United States

Katzkin is the leading manufacturer and installer of custom-made leather seats which makes it easy to find an installation expert in various locations around the US. 

Locations include major cities like:


Katzkin Before & After Transformation Video

Katzkin is Better than Custom Seat Covers, and Here’s Why!

The genuine leather used by Katzkin acts as a seat protector and is a favorite choice for vehicle owners looking to replace the original factory cloth with premium leather seating. 

See what our customers are saying about how we make customizing the look and feel of their vehicles so easy! Why not enrich your Mazda driving experience today?

Transform Your Mazda Interior with Katzkin Leather Car Seats

Transforming your Mazda interior with Katzkin’s leather seats is an excellent choice for beautifying the interior of your car at an affordable price. You can’t go wrong with Katzkin premium leather seating in over 120 colors and trim options. 

Start now by choosing your design and finding an installer today!

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