Kia Seat Covers

Kia seat covers are a great way to spruce up your Kia vehicle. At Katzkin, we know each Kia model intimately, and we can install waterproof seat covers using OEM-like material or neoprene.

Want a fresh look without buying a new Kia? We offer over 120 different colors and patterns for the ultimate Kia interior. Look into how we can upgrade the interior of your Kia today.

Instead of going over your cloth like traditional seat covers, overhauling your interior with Katzkin removes your cloth entirely and replaces it with our custom-fit seat covers to a factory fit and finish!

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Model Years Don’t Matter to Us

It doesn’t matter what make and models your Kia is, Katzkin knows how to manufacture and install the perfect seat covers that make your car look and smell like it just came off the lot. In fact, we even have changed based on the trim package you select — that’s how detailed we get. We handle older models and newer models of Kia’s: from the Rio to the K5. We even can design the seat covers for newer models like the Kia Niro that was released in 2022! If you have a Kia, we can install custom-fit seat covers that provide fashion and functionality.

Installation Locations Around the United States

At Katzkin, we pride ourselves on not only the quality of the OEM-like material but also on the installation. All of our highly trained techs know our system and how to install the seat covers flawlessly. We have design specs for each individual make and model of your KIA. We have professional installation centers around the US, like some of our locations such as Seattle, Houston, Denver, Nashville, and Kansas City.

Katzkin Before & After Transformation Video

Why Kia Owners Want Katzkin For Their Leather Seats

Some people discover our unique patterns and colors and want to put that in a new car, while others decide that instead of buying a new car, it’s more cost-effective to replace those old seats with stains and put them in our Katzkin seat covers. There’s no more cost-effective way to feel like you have a brand new Kia all over again. No matter what your reason for exploring seat covers, whether you have had custom car seats before or not, they’re one of the best things you can do to improve your driving experience.

Overhaul Your Kia Interior with Katzkin 

You spend the most time behind the wheel of your Kia. Don’t you deserve an upgraded interior cabin experience? Replacing the current seats with Katzkin’s premium leather seat covers will not only protect your seats from spills and debris better, but it will make you fall in love with your Kia all over again. Start now and find an installer today!

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