Hyundai Santa Cruz Seat Covers Hyundai Santa Cruz Seat Covers


Katzkin’s custom-fit, premium HYUNDAI SANTA CRUZ seat covers, and interiors are created to transform your HYUNDAI. Replacing your original factory-installed cloth seats with a custom-designed leather interior from Katzkin will change the look, feel, and resale value of your vehicle.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz has been dubbed a “Sport Adventure Vehicle” for its off-road capabilities. This SUV-truck combo meshes guts and glamor to take you virtually anywhere you want to go. But with all those off-road adventures comes dirt, dust, and grime. Adding custom leather Santa Cruz seat covers make it easier to clean and gives you a posh driving experience.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Seat Covers

Katzkin is the industry leader in quality leather seat covers. That’s because we use high-quality materials to manufacture leather seats specific to the make, model, year, and trim of your vehicle.  Traditional slip-on seat covers don’t hold a candle to our custom leather seats. Katzkin replacement seats are better looking, more comfortable, and increase your car’s value more than regular seat covers. Consider adding our heated and ventilated seats to your Santa Cruz for an additional three levels of temperature.

Choose from our popular Hyundai Santa Cruz Katzkin Designs, a Manufacturer Inspired Interior, or Create a Design of Your Own. We offer a choice of over 120 colors and materials with multiple trim options.

Katzkin’s Hyundai Santa Cruz custom leather seat and interior options are available for the following model years:



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