Ford Seat Covers

Welcome to Katzkin where we make, sell, and install custom Ford seat covers on all of the different models. All of our seats have been made to fit your exact model, year, and trim. In fact, Ford is the brand we add leather seats to most! Plus, we use OEM-like materials so you know your new leather seats are going to last.

One thing that makes our Ford seat covers better than getting them from the manufacturer is our choice of colors and designs. We offer over 120 different colors for you to choose from! That gives you an OEM fit with the ultimate customization.



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Model Years

Just one of the many reasons Katzkin is the industry leader in Ford Seat Covers is because we can and have installed leather on so many Ford model years. Yes, we have more than 120 different colors and materials for you to pick from with various trim options, but we can even install them on many older models. If you want to add leather to your 2005 Ford Explorer, we can do it. Or maybe you have a 2012 Ford Escape and want to replace your old leather or cloth seats, we can do that for you as well. On many cars, trucks, and SUVs, we can even go back as far as 2002.


At Katzkin, we’re all about the experience. A huge part of that is the actual installation process. Fortunately for you, we’ve got installers all across the United States. If you live on the West Coast, we’ve got installers in Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. For people that live in the South, we have locations in Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, and more. Perhaps you live in the Northeast in Boston, NYC, or Portland, Maine, we have high-quality installers there too. And we have installers everywhere in between including Denver and Kansas City.


Transform your Ford interior with Katzkin. Start now and find an installer today!

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