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A truck like this has a daily workload that cloth seats simply can’t handle; leather is a must-have option inside the cab. The interior colors and materials we can install in your Ram truck are not only eye-catching, but functional, as well. Try our ultra-durable Katzkin XT. Like the Ram itself, it’s material made the handle the most extreme conditions with ease. Wherever you take it, Katzkin XT can take it.

Additionally, these seats can be upgraded with Degreez, our OEM quality seat temperature control system, installed at the same time as your leather interior. For Ram owners who drive their truck in all types of weather, this unique heating and cooling system has three levels of heat and three levels of air-conditioned comfort.  Are you ready to upgrade your Ram with striking custom-fit leather seats?

Instead of going over your cloth like traditional seat covers, overhauling your interior with Katzkin removes your cloth entirely and replaces it with our custom-fit leather interior to a factory fit and finish!

Ram Trucks vs. Dodge Ram

Over the years, Dodge Rams became so popular that in 2009 they outgrew their Dodge badges, stripping them off to stand as their own brand: Ram Trucks. Though they may not be Dodges anymore, their performance and quality have only gotten better since then. 

With a legacy like that, it’s understandable that many people still call their truck a Dodge Ram. Don’t worry, whatever you call it, that’s not going to stop Katzkin from getting your Ram truck the leather seats you’ve always dreamed of.

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Installation Locations Around the United States

Katzkin takes installation very seriously. Not only do we make your custom leather seats, but we always execute a flawless installation for any vehicle in the Ram family. We have over 3,000 installation locations around the US and are always looking to add more locations near you.

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Katzkin Before & After Transformation Video

Katzkin Leather vs. Traditional Seat Covers

Instead of slipping on your front and rear seats like traditional seat covers, Katzkin leather seats completely replace your cloth seats. Getting Katzkin seats installed in your vehicle is essentially the same as getting factory leather seats, only ours is more premium and even comes with our limited warranty.

Katzkin has been using our proprietary method to make sure we get an exact fit for your seats for years. There is no better upgrade you can do for your Ram than to replace your cloth seats with a stylishly durable Katzkin leather interior.

It doesn’t matter whether your Ram is from this year, or an older model from 1998, Katzkin is here to make it feel new to you again. And we strongly believe that upgrading to our leather upholstery is the number one way to do that!

See Why Ram Owners Love Us

Ram owners love Katzkin. We take care of your truck and help prolong its life span. Leather seats are not only a joy to behold but also highly functional. They are comfortable and can always include our optional seat temperature control system, Degreez, installed at the same time they put in your leather seats.

Look at how some of these Ram owners have customized their rigs:


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