Honda Accord Trim Levels

Honda Accord Black Leather Seat
Honda Accord Leather Seat
Honda Accord Red Leather Seat
Honda Accord Black & Grey Leather Seat
Honda Accord Black Leather Seat
Honda Accord Leather Seat
Honda Accord Red Leather Seat
Honda Accord Black & Grey Leather Seat

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The Honda Accord comes in a variety of different trim levels and packages. But which trim level has the options you really want and need? It can be hard to know. What we recommend is that you start with your “must-have” features and go from there.

Some features people really care about are leather interiors and temperature seats. So much so that they often spend thousands more by purchasing a higher trim level just for that one feature. The lowest trim level that comes with leather seats is the Sport Special Edition. That’ll cost you about $5,000 more than the base LX trim. If you’re a person who wants a higher trim strictly for leather temperature seats, don’t do it! Instead, purchase a lower trim, add custom leather from Katzkin, and SAVE THOUSANDS!¬†But if you really want a feature like a moonroof, you’ll have to purchase a Hybrid EX or higher.

Accord Trim Levels

Below is a quick breakdown of all the different Honda Accord trim levels and many of the features they include. Keep in mind that it isn’t meant to be a complete list of every single feature that comes with each trim. Rather, it’s a list of the most popular features on each trim level.


The LX is the base trim for the Accord. That being said, it still comes with a lot. This trim has honda Sensing Safety & Driver-Assistive Technologies, Apple Carplay, and Android Auto, cloth seats, 17-inch silver-painted alloy wheels, dual-zone automatic climate control, and push-button start, amongst other items. The LX does not have leather or temperature seats.


The Honda Accord Hybrid comes with many of the same features as the LX but gets a whopping 48 miles per gallon. In addition to those features, it also comes with a 60/40 split-folding back seat, 17-inch machine-finished alloy wheels, a 160-watt audio system with 4 speakers, and more. The main difference between the Hybrid is the gas mileage. Both come with cloth seats, no seat warmers, no moonroof, etc.


The Accord Sport comes with heated front seats (on the 2.0T model), a moonroof, a wireless phone charger, 19-inch machine-finished alloy wheels with black inserts, an 8-inch audio display with high-resolution, and SMS text messaging. The Sport does NOT come with a leather interior.

Sport Special Edition

The Honda Accord Sport Special Edition is the least expensive Accord trim level that comes standard with leather seats and costs $4,000 more than the LX trim. It also comes with heated front seats, chrome exhaust finishers, a gloss black decklid spoiler, smart entry with walk away auto lock, an active shutter grille, and more.

Hybrid EX

In addition to getting a stellar combined 48 MPG, the Hybrid EX also comes with leather seats, heated front seats, wireless phone charging, wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto connectivity, a moonroof, blind-spot monitoring system, Sirius XM Radio, HD Radio, 12-way power adjustment driver’s seat, smart entry with walk-away auto-lock, and many more features.


The Honda Accord EX-L is the coup-de-gras of all Accord trims. It comes standard with leather seats, heated front seats, wireless cell phone charging, wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto Connectivity, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a moonroof. But it has even more than that. It’s the only Accord with courtesy lights, two-position memory for the driver’s seat, a 450-watt premium audio system with 10 speakers, and a subwoofer.

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Why Should You Choose Katzkin?

There’s a whole host of reasons to choose Katzkin for your vehicle’s leather interior. For instance, if having leather seats is the only reason you want a higher trim level such as the Sport Special Edition, you can easily save more than $2,000 by purchasing an LX instead and adding Katzkin leather to it.

Accord Trim Levels: Quality and Choice

A lot of our customers tell us that they prefer Katzkin leather over OEM seats because they get to choose from a huge variety of designs without sacrificing quality. We can make your seats as custom as you’d like. With more than 120 different colors, materials, and designs to choose from, it’s almost impossible not to find the design you’re looking for. But, if you can’t, you’re also more than welcome to design your own seats and we’ll make them for you. This is one of the reasons we replace OEM leather with Katzkin so much of the time.

Choose Your Design
Honda Accord Black Tekstitch
Honda Accord Bright Red Leather Seats
Honda Accord Gray and Black Leather Seat
Honda Accord Black Tekstitch
Honda Accord Bright Red Leather Seats
Honda Accord Gray and Black Leather Seat

Temperature Seats

If you want heated and ventilated seats added to your car, we can do that with our Degreez package. We can add up to three levels of heat and three levels of ventilation to your seats. None of the Honda Accords come standard with ventilated seats. We can add custom temperature and leather seats to your car at a great price.

Model Years 

Most of the Accords we work on, and we work on a lot, are brand new. If you’re like most of our customers, you’ll purchase your new car and take it to a Katzkin installer to get new custom leather added. But we frequently work on older cars too. In fact, we can install leather on Accords as old as 2003. It’s also good for you to know that it doesn’t matter what trim level or seat material you currently have in your Accord, we can still replace it with custom leather of your choosing.


Approximately 25% of people, or one out of four, in the US, lease their vehicles. Leasing can be nice because it gives you a lower monthly payment and if you have a business, you can easily write it off on your taxes.

When leasing, if you want to add additional features such as bigger wheels, rhino liner in the bed, etc., you have to pay for those items over the course of the lease. For example, if you want custom rims and tires to go with your new car, and they cost $2,500, you either have to pay $2,500 upfront or add it to your monthly payment. If it’s a 36-month lease, it’ll cost you an extra $69.44 every month on your lease.

The beauty of Katzkin is that they can residualized on your lease. That’s a fancy way of saying you won’t have to pay the entire cost of the seats over the course of the lease. After all, you’re not BUYING the seats, you’re just adding them to your lease. This can cut down the cost of your lease significantly and save you money!

It’s also worth noting that most people lease lower trim levels and that don’t come with leather seats. So this is an inexpensive way to add them!


There are benefits galore to getting your leather seats from Katzkin. One of those is that we have installers all over the United States, so you won’t have to go far to get your new leather seats installed. We have installers in small towns and big cities. If you live in Seattle, Portland, or San Diego, we have installers in and around all of those cities. If you live in the south, we have installers in Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, New Orleans, and much more. In the midwest, we have installers in Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Maybe you live somewhere in the west like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, or Boise. In the northeast, we have installers in New York City, Boston, Southington, and much more! We’ve got you covered in all those areas too! Don’t think we forgot about Texas. From Dallas, to Houston, to Austin, to San Antonio, we have installers all over the state!

Reviews and Warranty

Whether you’re leasing or buying your Honda Accord, you want leather that lasts, no matter what Honda Accord trim level you have. That’s why we offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all of our seats. Plus, if you don’t like the way your new seats fit, bring your car back and we’ll adjust them for you, free of charge.

That’s part of why we have thousands of reviews with a rating of almost 5-stars. Check out our reviews below and see for yourself. No matter what Accord trim level you have or you buy, we can add custom leather seats to it. Save thousands by getting a lower trim level and adding custom leather to it, today!

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