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Thanks for your interest and participation in the Katzkin Brand Ambassador program! Here’s a step-by-step guide to upload your content on Indi for approval, and then post on your own social media pages.

Please note: all content from Brand Ambassadors must be approved before posting on the Brand Ambassador’s page. We do this to make sure all the information is correct – not to stifle your creativity. Creativity is always encouraged!

Steps for your first post*

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Get Started” You’ll be taken to a page on Indi’s website.
  3. Follow the prompts to create an Indi account (or log in, if you already have one) and upload your content.
  4. Once you’ve completed the steps on that page, you’ll add the Katzkin product link on the next page, and be assigned your unique link to include in your social media posts.
  5. Sit tight! We’ll approve your content within a day or two. Once you’ve gotten your approval email, you can post your content on your social media pages.

*For any subsequent posts you’d like to make as a Katzkin Brand Ambassador, you can either follow the above steps again, or upload and submit your content directly through Indi. To upload directly through Indi, follow the steps below.

Black and Gray Ford Ranger Leather Seats


Steps to upload directly through Indi

  1. Go to, click “Individuals,” and log into your Indi account.
  2. Click “Upload” in the top, right hand corner of your homescreen.
  3. Follow the prompts to upload your photo/video and text (don’t forget to add the unique link you received at the end of the registration process. If you’ve forgotten your unique link, don’t worry! Indi sent you an email after signing up with your unique link in it.)
  4. Submit your content and sit tight while we review your submission. You’ll get an email confirming that your submission was received.
  5. Within a day or two, you’ll receive an email either approving or declining your content. Both of those emails have instructions for next steps.

That’s it! Once you’ve uploaded, gotten approved, and posted your first Katzkin content, you can choose either of the two processes above to post more content as a Katzkin Brand Ambassador.

Still have questions? Please email: [email protected]



Always mention:

  • You are receiving some sort of commission from your partnership with Katzkin*
    • I’m a Brand Ambassador for Katzkin…
    • You get $100 off your Katzkin seats, and I get $100, too
    • #sponsored #ad #advertisement #brandambassador
  • Include your unique link (If you don’t remember your unique link, you received an email from Indi after you first signed up with the Katzkin Brand Ambassador program)

* This is required in order to be compliant with FTC regulations. Visit the FTC’s social media influencer guide here for more information.

Caption Ideas:

  • I’m partnering with Katzkin to make sure you get the leather seats you need in your car! I love my Katzkin seats because _______, and I think you’ll like them, too. Use my unique link _________ to purchase your products and you’ll get $100 off your Katzkin purchase (plus, I’ll get $100, too). Win-win!
  • I’m a Katzkin Brand Ambassador, and I want you to save $100 on your Katzkin seats purchase. Why is Katzkin great? Katzkin’s leather seats are completely customizable to fit your aesthetic and needs, and are very high quality without being crazy expensive. Plus, they increase the value of your car. Interested? Use my unique link (XX) to purchase your seats and you’ll save $100 (and I’ll get $100, too). Leather is better!
  • Jealous of my car’s leather seats? You can get them, too, plus get $100 off. I’m a Katzkin Brand Ambassador, and if you use my unique link (XX) to purchase your Katzkin seats, you’ll get $100 off and I’ll get $100, too! Katzkin seats are great because they’re totally customizable, durable, and affordable. Plus, they look so awesome…

Good points to mention:

  • Katzkin seats are entirely customizable to fit the customer’s needs and style
  • Katzkin seats use the highest quality materials and are constructed by skilled craftsmen, while still costing less than most leather seats
  • Katzkin leather seats are NOT seat covers; after you purchase the leather seats, an approved installer will deconstruct your current car seats and reconstruct them to be new leather seats
  • Why you (as a Brand Ambassador and Katzkin user) like Katzkin

Suggested hashtags:

#katzkin #katzkinleather #loveyourdrive #becauseclothsucks #leatherisbetter #carupgrade #leatherinterior #leatherseats #customleather #custominterior
You can also mention the type of car you have in your hashtags (for example: #fordf150 #f150)


Terms & Conditions

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Brand Ambassador posts FAQs

  • What should my Katzkin post(s) say?

    You have freedom with how you phrase your post! However, if you’re feeling stuck or don’t want to write it yourself, click here and you’ll find some suggested language from us. Be sure all your posts have: 1) a disclosure that you are receiving commission from the post (in compliance with FTC regulations) and 2) your unique link. Suggestions for ways to disclose your relationship with Katzkin can also be found in the Suggested Language section, found here.

  • Do I need to get approval before posting?

    Yes, you must get your proposed post approved before posting on your own social media channels. You get approval by uploading your content through the “Get Started” link here or directly from Please see the above steps for detailed instructions.

  • Where do I get my content/social media posts approved?

    To get your content approved, you’ll upload your photo/video and caption via Indi. You can either do that by clicking “Get Started” here. You can also go to Indi’s homepage, sign in, and upload your content there. For detailed steps, please see the instructions here.

  • Do I need to disclose that I’m getting paid?

    Yes, the FTC requires you disclose that you have a relationship with a brand and will be receiving some sort of commission from your post. Suggestions for ways to disclose your relationship with Katzkin can also be found in the Suggested Language section, found here or the FTC Social Media Influencers’ Guide.

  • What if I post without getting approval?

    Posting as a Katzkin Brand Ambassador before submitting your content for review is not allowed, and will result in removal from the brand ambassador program.

  • Where do I link to in my post for my commission/customer discount

    Make sure to always include your unique link in your post caption. If you don’t remember your unique link, you received an email from Indi after you first signed up with the Katzkin Brand Ambassador program. Please check your inbox (and don’t forget to check spam, too, if you don’t see it immediately)!

  • What hashtags do I use?

    You can choose which hashtags to use in your Brand Ambassador posts. We suggest using hashtags such as: #katzkin, #katzkinleather, #loveyourdrive, #custominterior, #ad, #sponsored, and #brandambassador.

  • Where do I upload the post content?

    You upload your content either through the “Get Started” link here or directly from Please see the above steps for detailed instructions.

  • What size do the photos need to be?

    There are no specifications for the size of photos and videos.

  • When are Brand Ambassadors posts due?

    Whenever! It’s up to you to choose when and how frequently you upload and post.

Brand Ambassador payment & new customer purchases FAQs

  • How do I get paid?

    Brand Ambassadors will be paid quarterly by check. Please note, in order to send you your check, we need a mailing address (not a PO box) and your full, legal name.

  • What if someone wants to get the discount with my unique link, but would prefer to purchase the product over the phone?

    That’s fine! The person making the purchase should still click your unique link to pull up the Katzkin website. Instead of choosing their design, they should click “Contact” on the top, right-hand corner of the screen. This will take them to a contact form. They can then fill out that form with their query and phone number, and Katzkin will give them a call back.

  • Is there a phone number you can call instead?

    Yes, you can call 1-888-KATZKIN (528-9546) or email [email protected]. However, it will be easier to find your unique link (and get you your $100!) if the purchaser clicks your unique link, and then goes to the contact page from there.

  • What if my purchaser isn’t ready to go through these steps for the purchase?

    No one should feel rushed with their Katzkin purchase. However, note that the purchaser will get their $100 credit, and you (Brand Ambassador) will get your $100 only after the sale has been fully completed.

More info & contact FAQs

  • If I have questions about brand ambassadorship, who should I contact?

    Please feel free to email us at [email protected]

  • If I have questions about purchasing a product or the products themselves, who should I contact?

    Please call either 323-458-0018 or 1-877-811-8840, or email [email protected] for any product-related questions.

  • Do I have to sign an agreement?

    Yes, you do need to agree to the Terms & Conditions of working with Katzkin, and using the Indi platform. You can read the Terms & Conditions here.